How to Get Our Services

applying for servicesMirkaCare receives referrals through a variety of funding mechanisms:

These inquiries are always discussed on an individual basis with a preliminary questionnaire completed and followed up.

Individuals and any guardians are given comprehensive information about the care, support, development and all other services offered and available, including Personal and Medical Care, Counselling Supports, End of Life Care and Support and more, by callIng MirkaCare Services directly.

Being Accepted at MirkaCare

Individuals are accepted without discrimination purely on the basis of a good fit between the individual’s needs and MirkaCare’s ability to adequately meet those needs. If service is to be delivered at a MirkaCare-owned home, the following factors determine our decision to provide support:


  • There is a suitable bedroom/location vacant or becoming vacant.
  • The current people-in-care and staff at that location suit the applying person’s situation.
  • MirkaCare has the resources and skills to provide adequate care for the applying person.
  • The applying person has visited the people who live in the home and their staff and was accepted by them.

MirkaCare Services is always willing to try to accommodate new individuals, but never at the expense of those already living in the MirkaCare residence.

The ability of the funding body, the client, or his or her estate to meet the financial requirements concerning the provision of all care and services and the client’s eligibility for funding is considered as a requirement for admission. Any services requiring an additional fee beyond those funded externally are spelled out in the Client Services Agreement.

MirkaCare Services

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