Why Use MirkaCare

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As a service provider, MirkaCare LOVES working with people and everyone it serves. We pride ourselves in dealing with each person-in-care in a sensitive, appropriate manner, as a unique and worthwhile Person who has the right to make their own decisions concerning their personal lives. We strive to enhance each individual’s quality of life to the extent possible. We "work" on the satisfaction that can be gained through living a positive and meaningful lifestyle thoughout each individual's lifespan. We believe

  • Each person has something of value to offer, not only to his or her immediate social group, but to society as a whole.
  • It requires effort to learn what these are in order to draw them out and develop them further.
  • We must provide personalized, creative, kind care and support to achieve these goals.

Along with our staff teams, we work to provide safe and supportive home-like environments and a high quality of life. In our day-to-day interractions, and in everything we do, all individuals have the right to be treated with respect, dignity, fairness, consideration and kindness in all interactions with all other persons who work in, reside in or visit their home. MirkaCare ensures that all staff and associates are aware of the rights of all people-in-care and keep the rights in mind in everything they do.

Safe and Supportive Environments

Our service approach provides a comfortable, safe and supportive environment in which each client is allowed to practise, learn or relearn positive and effective forms of expression, socialization skills, and life skills that can be employed in the community or at his/her family home.

Surpassing Standards

maze-29966330MirkaCare meets or exceeds the standards governing its industry in the province of Alberta. MirkaCare has been accredited through the Alberta Council of Disability Services since 2004, passing its Creating Excellence Together Level II with Complex Support Needs Standards review every three years. Our supportive living environments for four or more adults are licensed under the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act. Many of our other locations are licensed under the PDD Safety Standards Regulation. Our settings meet the health and safety standards of Alberta Health Services. Fire protection requirements are also in place. MirkaCare is also governed by the Protection of Persons in Care Act, which requires reporting and investigation of all suspected incidents of abuse against a person-in-care.

MirkaCare Services

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