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valuesMirkaCare operates as a teamwork-focused group dedicated to the persons in our care, our staff, associates and partners.

MirkaCare’s services reflect the spiritual values of its owners. They believe each individual deserves professional skill and personalized attention. They should have the same fundamental rights as others in society. MirkaCare is committed to continuous learning and to the value of developing personal, empathetic, compassionate relationships. This requires MirkaCare staff to be flexible, observant, respectful, gentle and sensitive to those they support and others around them.

The rewards of living these values of integrity, servanthood and stewardship include feeling blessed to love one’s work, experiencing the joys of deep friendships and relationships, and being at the right place at the right time to make a difference in others’ lives.

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Our Vision

Leaders Serving People

Leaders - We are at the forefront in the provision ofvision

  • organziation design and developmental management services
  • caregiving services
  • support services

Serving - Our focus is on the people to whom we provide exemplary caregiving and support services. We are their servants and their needs are of paramount importance to us.

People - The reason for MirkaCare's existance is the people it serves, including persons-in-care and their families and caregivers as well as our staff, associates and partners.

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Our Mission

visionNurturing and promoting the ongoing mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and developmental well-being of all people we serve

We operate as a collaborative and teamwork-focused group. We are dedicated to our clients, staff, associates and partnerships, for which we nurture and promote the ongoing physical, emotional, spiritual and developmental well being of the people we serve.

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